Smart Curtain (Customisable)
Smart Curtain (Customisable)
Smart Curtain (Customisable)
Smart Curtain (Customisable)

Smart Curtain (Customisable)

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Product Parameters

Product Category: Motorised Flexible Rail Curtain

Product Color: Silver

Market Specifications: EU Standard, UK Standard, British Version, US Standard, AU Standard

Function Description: Control curtain open and close. Wide voltage power supply. Curtain position setting, Soft start Soft stop, Automatic limit setting, Light touch-start function, Power off manual function, Resistance then stop function,

Certification: CCC

Material: Aluminum alloy

Packing List: Motor, user manual, track, belt, carrier, wheel runner, main driver, sub driver, end hook, clamping ear, connector, top bracket, belt gauge.

Power Supply Type: It's powered by direct current

Rated Power(W): 88W

Rated Voltage(V): 100~240VAC

Rated Current(A): Max. 0.4A

Rated Torque(Nm): 1.2

output Speed(rpm): 100

Product Length(mm): Not need cutting the track before install

Control Mode: Intelligent Agreement,Remote Control,App Control

Built-in Battery: No

Generator style: Brushless electric machine

Features of Motor: Power failure can be pulled,Automatically set the limit,Stop immediately,Run gracefully

Body Material: Aluminium Alloys