Warranty & Exchange

3 year products warranty extension

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Warranty Terms

One year warranty applies to all Quantum X products and accessories unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. The product warranty remains measured from the date of purchase.

The following cases do not belong to warranty or exchange scope:

1. Cleaning of product and wear loss under normal circumstances (such as natural loss of casing, inserting components, aging and wear).
2. Any product failure or damage caused by self-installation, usage maintenance and storage that are not in accordance with usage instructions.
3. Alter or tear up barcode on products or warranty card without authorization.
4. For those beyond exchange & warranty period.
5. Without getting the permission of Quantum X, change its inherent structure circuit privately, or dismantling or modifying without authorization.
6. Product damage caused by accident, human abuse/misuse, such as output short circuit, high-voltage input, overload work, high temperature, water inflow, mechanical damage, broken serious oxidation or rusty and etc.
7. Damage caused by self-transportation, including loading and un-loading on the way of purchase and return for repair.
8. Product failure or damages caused by force majeure such as earthquake, fire, flood lightning and so on.
9. Product failure or damaged caused by any problem other than product design, technology, quality, manufacturing and others.
10. Accessories are subject to case by case basis for qualification of free repair and exchange scope.

This terms shall come into effect from the issuing date.
Quantum X will hold the final interpretation rights.